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Big Tips

First SEO Tip: get people to review your business on Google+ to show Google you’re real and that real people are aware you exist. Don’t use fake reviews.

Second SEO Tip: Don’t use fake reviews.

Third Tip: Thank everyone who reviews your business as it is a BIG deal that they did. Also, don’t use fake reviews. We may have mentioned that before.

Google review reviewed!

You know you want more Google reviews but people aren’t doing it, so how do you encourage them? By asking them and sending a direct link to where they post a review on Google. It’s not as easy as copy-pasting though, as javascript is in use on the review page, so instead use this site to get the direct link:

This tool that lets you build a link that goes directly to the “add a review” section of your business listing on Google. Google ranking is affected by how many reviews you get in this business listing. Outperform competition by sending people a direct link to how they review you on Google in a newsletter.
Historically, this direct link to the review popup window has been elusive. Google deliberately tries to prevent companies soliciting reviews to prevent false reviews, spam reviews, or bot-generated reviews. All well and good for getting quality reviews on your Google Business listing for random internet people, but what if I want to encourage my real and actual customers to submit a review when they can’t be bothered to click on more than one button? People are lazy after all AND we don’t want to waste their time chasing down how to leave you a review. To make matters worse Google changes how the reviews are done often (to confound the autobots and spammers) so a direct link will get broken often, even IF you are able to find it., while generating the link, will also email notify you if the process changes so you can make a new direct link to the review pop-up. Now that’s handy!
Pro Tips: I highly suggest you DO NOT flood Google Reviews with fake reviews to try to boost your numbers. Always quality over quantity. Fake reviews don’t help anyone and Google will punish your business listing harshly if it detects that. Rather, send the link to your email base or include it on your website and emails to make it easier for quality people to review your business.
Sometimes, it’ll feel like pulling teeth to get reviews and you’ll wonder why, oh why, aren’t we getting reviews??? You need a passionate base of customers/supporters to even think about getting reviews. That’s why, when someone does take time to make a review, good or bad, thank them profusely. Google frowns upon rewards for reviews (meaning if they detect that, oh boy you’re in trouble) but there are offline efforts you can do to encourage users to make a review. The easiest way to get a review: ask in person. Get your frontline sales/staff to ask, every time, after an interaction. A face to face ask is much more successful at getting a review than any email or social media campaign (though these will work if your audience is large enough you’ll hit some bored people who have nothing better to do).
  • Paul

    The world needs a way to make reviews trustworthy .. my experience with reviews is that 99% of people who leave reviews are not happy with the product/service and the positive reviews are easily posted by Fiverr hirees. The only way to combat the issue is for each exchange of money for goods/services OR any interaction Business-to-consumer — each has a unique transaction ID which must be supplied when posting a review online , and can only be used once in order to prevent one customer from creating 100 negative reviews online in different places.

    1. TheOddRod

      A one-time code from the business on an invoice is an intriguing idea. I like it.

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