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Moving Posts between WordPress Sites

Movement is a sure sign that something is alive. WordPress is no different and occasionally you’ll need to move posts to another blog (!) OR perhaps you’re moving to WordPress from another platform. Here’s how to do this wisely.

Moving posts or pages between WordPress sites couldn’t be any easier. In the site you want to move posts FROM, go to your Dashboard, look under Tools, and select Export (note the Import option too, we’ll be there shortly). It’s from here you can select what you want to export. If you’ve done your job correctly with Categories, you can filter posts pretty easily for the exact content you need to move. Or All Content, who’s to judge here? At any rate, it exports an XML file filled with all the info for the next step.

In the site you want to BRING your content to, go to your Dashboard, look under Tools, and select Import. Navigate to that XML file you just created, select it, and import it. Keep in mind this keeps the posts as the same published status as before, same publication date, and (if you selected it) the same images uploaded into the new site. In fact, the only option you get when importing this file is to re-assign the author if you want to.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to delete the old content on the old site, if needed, an export doesn’t remove the content, you have to do that following the export if that’s your cup of tea.


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