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Form Madness – Why won’t my contact form email…

Can’t email yourself from a contact form plugin?

Here’s the problem – the contact form you set up in WordPress with either Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or any of the millions of other contact form makers won’t send you notifications of a form completion. Well, it is, but you aren’t getting them.

That’s the frustrating part – there’s no errors from the sending end but it never shows up in your inbox, nor your spam box, nor the quarantine box, it just doesn’t get there. What the heck is going on? (Ok, to be fair, email admins would know to check the server logs and you might be able to figure this out faster than I did but typically they aren’t the peeps building a contact form in WordPress either.) Read more “Form Madness – Why won’t my contact form email me?”

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From HTTP to HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt & Really…

How do you add a security certificate to your site?

First off, let’s answer the why behind that question. 

SSL provides your browser with a way to verify that the site you’re trying to get to, is in fact, the site that you are trying to get to. You’d think that was a given when you enter in a URL but not in today’s world with so many ways for hackers to highjack your internet voyage. I’m not going to get into the technical details of how it does this as many people have explained it better than I could ever describe. Let’s just say it verifies that you site, is your site, and move onto other reasons why you should have it installed on your site. Read more “From HTTP to HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt & Really Simple SSL”