Clouds and Google

Google and WordPress – let’s talk integrations

How to integrate some Google Apps and services into a WordPress site.

Google Products you Need to Integrate Today

Google has so many free and great options that can integrate and support your site that you absolutely have to have a Gmail account these days. Remember the golden age when you had to be INVITED to get a Gmail account from some in-the-know tech guru that you knew? Good times that changed the times. Ok, I’ll presume you’re logged into your Google account at this point and let’s get started. Read more “Google and WordPress – let’s talk integrations”

Clouds and Google

Google Review link generator – makes it easy to…

Big Tips

First SEO Tip: get people to review your business on Google+ to show Google you’re real and that real people are aware you exist. Don’t use fake reviews.

Second SEO Tip: Don’t use fake reviews.

Third Tip: Thank everyone who reviews your business as it is a BIG deal that they did. Also, don’t use fake reviews. We may have mentioned that before.

Read more “Google Review link generator – makes it easy to build a link to get clients to review your business.”

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The Speed Force: How to Optimize WordPress for Better…

Having a site that loads fast is the holy grail of web site owners. It’s the stuff of legends but we have faith that fast sites are attainable. In this post we hope to point you in the right direction to speeding up your site in a variety of manners which should be included in your processes for creating your content, managing your sites, server setups, and in code development. Read more “The Speed Force: How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance”