Gutenberg – blocks aren’t going away so don’t avoid…

First Thought: I like the collapsing right hand menu in Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a new “plugin” for WordPress that drastically rebuilds the interface for posts and pages. It’s a plugin now, but it’s more of a way for the powers that be to test the interface and see if the community is accepting. Also, to test the waters for compatibility I would guess. It’s a clever way of trying something new, that is for certain, and you have to appreciate that.

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taking the plunge into small site hosting

The Speed Force: How to Optimize WordPress for Better…

Having a site that loads fast is the holy grail of web site owners. It’s the stuff of legends but we have faith that fast sites are attainable. In this post we hope to point you in the right direction to speeding up your site in a variety of manners which should be included in your processes for creating your content, managing your sites, server setups, and in code development. Read more “The Speed Force: How to Optimize WordPress for Better Performance”