375 Conway Street,
Winnipeg, Mb R3J 2M5

Payment payable to WinnMarketing Web Services.

Invoice Number WM-INV-002072
Invoice Date April 27, 2018
Total Due $2,047.50

465 Lucas Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
4 April 27 Dur-A-Bus Site works

Transfer ownership of digital assets to movemobility of durabus

5 May 4 Durabus site works

Worked with Daniel to set up site hosting, transferred ownerships and transferred dns company. Started working on the same for dur-a-bus

6 May 11, Email dur-a-bus, durabus site, Mercedes Metris

Added Mercedes Metris to, downloaded dur-a-bus and durabuscoach emails as backup, pointed the DNS for to MM site host iWeb.

1 May 18 - uploaded backup emails to dropbox
3.5 May 25 - domain name transfer

Began process of transferring ownership of dur-a-bus domain to godaddy, fixed broken listings, edited menu on site, urged iWeb to fix

Sub Total $2,047.50
GST $0.00
Total Due $2,047.50