375 Conway Street,
Winnipeg, Mb R3J 2M5

Payment payable to WinnMarketing Web Services.

Invoice Number WM-INV-002180
Invoice Date January 1, 2021
Total Due $690.38

275 Commerce Drive, Winnipeg, MB

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
.5 Map Development

Built out sample google map for projects.

1.5 Map additions, Team pages edits and adding to Menus,

css for smaller font for names in profile

1 Project Plugin Research nov 14

Research and select plugin for projects.

1 Project Plugin

Purchase of Plugin for Projects

1.5 Head shot replacements and fixes - Nov 21
1 Title and Name Size Adjustments Nov 17&22
1.5 Icon Creation - Dec 5

Icons found and adjusted for a profile page.

1.5 About Us Page Development and Edits

Added text from PDF to webpage. Fixed bug in projects page link box.

1.5 Page Development - 6 new pages

Create and move content to new pages. Resize and place icons on new about us page.

1.5 Edited projects categories and titles

built new categories, deleted old, for projects. Assigned to projects. Adjusted search code.

2 Mining Icons and Site Edits

Locate and FWS Mining Icon for use on webpages. Removed FWS from long titles. Removed CLEARFIX spacing issue on projects page. Side menu from LEAN page deleted. Project Search menu edit. Fixing pull-down projects menu.

Sub Total $657.50
GST $32.88
Total Due $690.38