375 Conway Street,
Winnipeg, Mb R3J 2M5

Payment payable to WinnMarketing Web Services.

Invoice Number WM-INV-002083
Invoice Date November 14, 2019
Total Due $414.75
Castle Mortgage Net
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
.5 registration email plugin created

Created small plugin to control which email new user registration seems to come from. October 25,

1 Updraft Multi-user License

Please note: This is a recurring yearly charge for the license use of the multi-site backup software.

2 Setup Updraft Plus backups

Configure and test backup plugins.

.5 Emergency PHP Rollback

Forced PHP upgrade took down site. Diagnostics and fix put in place.

2 Photo studio setup

Helped david set up video studio for taping.

Sub Total $395.00
GST $19.75
Total Due $414.75