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Winnipeg, Mb R3J 2M5

Payment payable to WinnMarketing Web Services.

Invoice Number WM-INV-002025
Invoice Date January 29, 2018
Total Due $721.00
Cornerstone - DavidWass

1660 Kenaston Blvd

Ongoing setup and training for CTR.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Edits to site

Fixed alignment of footer. Checked on forms. Site planning emails with Rob. Sept 2017

1 Calderra Form help.

Checking into a non-emailing form. Sep 2017

2 Update meeting

Catch up on AdWords, site, invoicing, and going forward. Oct 2017

12 Site Hosting 2018

Hosting, updating, backups and monitoring. Jan 2018

1 Email Form Troubleshooting

Added Trish to Caderra form on site, deleted test plugins, phone calls with Oxygen tech. Jan 10, 2018

1 Late Penalties

5% late penalties per month from first issued in January.

Sub Total $721.00
GST $0.00
Total Due $721.00