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Quote Number WM-Quote-00027
Quote Date January 14, 2020
Total $2,315.25
Freid Tax Services

Messaging and development of more aggressive calls to action.

  • Site focuses on the products not the customer problem.

  • The contact form should have higher prominence. Form headings should ask the user a question with imperative action required. CONTACT US TODAY.

  • Write in first person: “Yes, I want my money back!” vs. “We can get your money back.”

  • Headlines should focus on the client, not services.

  • A call to action tells the user what they must do to solve their problem.

  • Site theme colour is muted, the call to actions need to stand out better with a brighter colour.

  • Too many people get to the site than vanish without taking action. A popup will help grab those people before they leave. At least it’ll force a decision, stay or leave, and right now people only have one option, leave.

  • On calls to action: Don’t Be Shy.

  • Assure people that data is secure and maybe(?) anonymous. Perhaps people don’t want to let people know about their winnings before they have to?

Whiteboard animation. Develop script with you, drawings, animations and music presentation.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IfIdT-MXxE

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
5 Creative re-purposing

Go through the site and develop a better customer focussed messaging throughout. Create call to actions that create urgency to users via PopUps and better writing/messaging. Focus on client needs in copy.

16 White board Animation of Process

Develop 1-minute white-board animation that displays the process of working with Fried Tax Services. Includes illustrations, scriptwriting, sound sourcing, and development

Sub Total $2,205.00
GST $110.25
Total $2,315.25

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