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Quote Number WM-Quote-28
Quote Date March 23, 2020
Total $1,806.00
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Hello Steve,

It seems like forever since we spoke but it was just last week. Below is a rough estimate of costs for services that we talked about. This is an a la carte type of service. Priority 1 & 2 would be Google Business Listing improvements and then your website improvements. After that, we'll work on email marketing. The idea is that you have to have a good base to lead people to.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please let me know,

Rod Salm

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2 Google My Business optimization

Claim your GMB listing, optimize with new photos, information, and provide link for easy reviews by customers (QR Code to post at the front desk).

7 Site Updgrade

Utilize the hosting of GoDaddy Wordpress site and upgrade your site's appearance to look more professional, focus on quick contact methods, maintain existing functionality. Primarily uploading of files to you with more explanation of who they come from and the work entailed. Emphasis on personal service, confidentiality, and delivery services. Setup collection of emails from clients for email markeitng programs.

2 Use Domain Name for Email

Transition to using your own domain name for your email. This will go a long way to appearing professional to your clients

2 Training

There will be some training for you to better utilize your website and online tools. Many of these resources are available online but personal training means faster adoption to using technology resources.

3 Email Marketing

Set up an email marketing program with templates, and training in using them.

1 Monthly Hosting of Website

Completely optional. If we host your site it makes changes easier, better control for you, we provide storage, backups, and updates to the software. Local person to help you with any problems that occur.

Sub Total $1,720.00
GST $86.00
Total $1,806.00

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